wtorek, 17 grudnia 2013

Droga śliska od traw.

I've been working on graphic elements of the theater play. I made little videos, that are displayed as a background of the stage.

Here is a little mix of videos I prepared.

This is the official poster.

This is another version of the poster.
It wasn't accepted, but I like it so much that I have to share it.

Link to the play description: Teatr im. Heleny Modrzejewskiej w Legnicy

wtorek, 27 sierpnia 2013

sobota, 3 sierpnia 2013

things to touch

Recently I've designed two things that you can actually touch. 

First was album cover for Mango Collective. It was great experience for me, I could go wild with colors. (Drawing human-plants was making me giggle from time to time.)


Second was book cover for publication about teachers. It is a great feeling to see real book with my design.

piątek, 7 czerwca 2013

czwartek, 21 marca 2013

Shadow part II

Another painting - shadows are chasing the girl. 
Sometimes I need to draw/paint something that I can touch. 

piątek, 22 lutego 2013

Girl in Leaves

Intensywny rysowniczo tydzień.
Świetnie się bawię!

Dziękuję wszystkim za lajki i miłe komentarze. Motywujecie mnie do dalszej pracy!

czwartek, 21 lutego 2013

sobota, 5 stycznia 2013